Energy Independence

We are a simple company with a straightforward mission: to help others become energy independent.

Flexible Installations

With experience installing off grid and grid connected systems on rooftops and on the ground, the 381 Solar Team is committed to providing a quality product and service to help you understand and operate your solar system safely and with confidence.

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Stephen Johnston
Stephen Johnston

Stephen is a Christian husband, father, grandfather, military veteran, and struggling gardener. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the United States Naval Academy. He has worked in manufacturing for 30 years in maintenance, human resources, safety, and production and has lived with his beautiful bride in an off grid solar home for a little over two years.

“Every month we do not worry about remembering to pay an electric bill or a water bill. We know in a storm that the power is not going to go out. There was a learning curve, but now that we have learned we can walk the path with you, and pass along our help and encouragement to you when there are challenges.”

Solar Power System Design

Clean Energy for West Alabama

We want to help the people of West Alabama implement clean power using renewable energy sources and be off the grid, ultimately saving them money.

We provide:

  • Solar attic fans
  • Grid Direct Solar electrical system
  • Off Grid Solar electrical system
  • Battery & Generator Back up designs
  • Solar Pool heaters

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